The spy who shot me™ is a fun action-packed retro FPS, currently in development by veterans Retro Army Ltd.

Take the roll of super spy Agent7! As he fights against the evil S.C.U.M.

Planned Features

-> Travel the globe,
-> Vehicle action,
-> Crazy Gadgets.
-> 8 Player online deathmatch,
-> Hordes of enemies to combat,
-> Unique run and gun gameplay,
-> Traditional Retro Army humor,
-> Lovely pointy polygons,

"Relaxing at the beach!"

""Dropping in on the White House"

"There you are! I've been waiting... I want you to test out this new software we've developed. It's top secret mind you" - Mother

"Please remember to report in at our top secret feed below!" - Mother

The links below are the latest builds of the game and run on Windows PC.

Last updated : (08-01-18)

Links are adware/virus/spam free.